TOKYO: day one

Hello Tokyo!

We departed Perth 6PM 8/02/18 and arrived to Tokyo 8:45AM 9/02/2018.

Check in wasn’t until 16:00 – so we had a few hours to kill. We spent our time roaming the streets and learning our way around the city.

We used the train system today and found it very simple, we did also have some help with good old google maps!

Since check in was so late.. out next mission was to find a coin locker to store our luggage in.. these were generally found within the train stations. We stopped off at Shinjuku station and eventually found one! (These seem to be pretty popular, especially the large suitcase size ones!)

After a few hours wandering through the streets – we made our way to our little Airbnb to check in.

A quick nap and it was off to find some dinner!.. a little restaurant we found around the corner, no English menu, so it was a bit of a guessing game.. but… the food ended up being amazing!

Now it’s off to bed to see what day 2 will bring us!

Florence x


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